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Did you know that you can donate to The Wildlife Center through "Paypal Giving" fund?? We are now one of their recognized charities and we are so proud! We are also a 501 (c) (3) Non profit, tax exempt organization! You can donate to The Wildlife Center through platforms including PayPal, eBay, GoFundMe, CrowdRise, Humble Bundle, Airbnb and Zakatify. PayPal Giving Fund doesn’t charge charities or donors any fees for services. Your tax deductible gifts, grants and donations will help us to further our educational programs, improve our center and continue our very important conservation work with bats and other important wildlife. We here at "The Bat Cave" thank you so much for all of your support in the past, in the present, and in the future, and we hope that you can help us to continue our goal. To provide fun and educational wildlife programs exhibits and a wonderful place to visit for years to come!
Check it out! And if you can give, any donation, no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated and welcomed!

For over 20 years The Wildlife Conservation and Education Center has been helping bats and many other species of incredibly important wildlife. From our outreach education programs to our wildlife center's "mini-zoo", we have dedicated our lives to wildlife conservation, education and preservation. Our family extends WORLDWIDE, and the friends and partners that we have made over the past two decades has made it all worth while.

But we cannot do it alone. You can help us to help the world's bats.

Your donations and grants make it possible to continue our important work in the field of bats and environmental conservation. Please consider making a tax dedictible contribution today!  You can contribute directly via "PAYPAL" and through the good 'ole snail mail method. 

Either way, your donation is greatly appreciated. 

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