It’s Baaaaaaack!  Beginning Friday, September 20TH, the three-day event returns to NJ and once again will be featuring an all ages live music club event, artisan bat works and wildlife merchandise, live-bat presentations, an outdoor bat walk and program and more!

All hosted by New Jersey’s “Bat-Man”, bat specialist, Joe D’Angeli."BATSTOCK" is NJ's 3-day answer to International "Bat Night” —a global event highlighting these fascinating animals celebrated world-wide in August.

"BATSTOCK" is the brainchild of D'Angeli, Director of The Wildlife Conservation and Education Center, and The Wildlife Conservation Foundation, Inc. - an educational wildlife organization dedicated to bat conservation. “BATSTOCK” was the first ever bat festival to be held in New Jersey and it couldn’t be at a better time,” said D’Angeli.

In autumn of 2010, the United Nations declared 2011-2012 as International Year of the Bat The aim of Year of the Bat is to raise global awareness about bats, bat conservation and the unique role bats play in our environment. D’Angeli, partnered with Bat Conservation International (BCI) in Austin, Texas, EuroBats of Germany, UNEP Convention of Migratory Species (CMS), have planned events in celebration of these incredibly important flying mammals.

 “For centuries, negative myths and misinformation have generated needless fears and threatened bats and their habitats. BATSTOCK will help educate people around the world about the benefits of bats. And knowledge is the key.”

Since 2006, nearly 7 million bats have died from a disease now known as White-nose Syndrome (WNS)- named for a cold-loving white fungus typically found on the faces and wings of infected bats. WNS causes bats to awaken more often during hibernation and use up the stored fat reserves that are needed to get them through the winter. Infected bats often emerge too soon from hibernation and are seen flying around in midwinter. These bats usually freeze or starve to death. Proceeds collected will go to White Nose Syndrome research, bat rehabilitators, and to The Wildlife Conservation Center’s ongoing bat conservation and education efforts.


@ the Wildlife Center 6-9pm

DAY #2     TBA